Open Components Hackathon 2024
Presented by Open Components Community
Hackathon theme
Multi-modal community checking solutions
Create a team
Join an existing team

Join us for a two week sprint where you have an opportunity to explore different solutions within the Bible technology space, learn new concepts and network with others in the Open Components Community.


You can register for the event at register link.

Jan 17th - Feb 26th

Create a team or Join an existing team

You'll be working in teams for the two weeks. We recommend the team size to be at least 3 and maximum 7 members. If you'd like to create a new team, please fill out a form here. If you'd like to join an existing team, please reach out to other participants here.

Join the OCE Community on Discord

We encourage you to join and be an active part of our online community on Discord as soon as you register.

Learnathon Kick off

Introduce your team and your team's learning goals.

Feb 26th | 9:30AM - 11AM EST

Learn with your team

Collaborate and learn a new technology together.

Feb 26th - March 1st

Learning presentations

Several 50 minute learnathon sessions will be conducted throughout the week. These sessions may be led by individuals or teams.

Feb 27th - March 1st | 9:30AM - 11AM EST

Hackathon Kick off

Introduce your team's problem statement and related hypothesis.

March 4th | 9AM - 11AM EST

Hack with your team

Hack a solution together.

March 1st - March 8th

Demo your Hack

Demonstrate your solution and findings.

March 8th | 9AM - 11AM EST